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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spike News

They weren't able to get an IV so gave him subcutaneous fluids and no transfusion. The second time I visited I convinced them to let me bring him home. He is happier at home and I can do what they were doing since they weren't able to transfuse him. He's not eating or drinking much, but will take chicken broth given with a syringe.

No final diagnosis yet from the pathologist, but the vet is sure it's some kind of myeloproliferative disorder, all the pathologist will do is narrow down the diagnosis. Per the vet the treatment is steroids and hydroxyurea (oral chemotherapy) and there's not a lot of information about how much time it will give him.The steroids were started last night, but he's too sick for the hydroxyurea right now so we have to try to get him well enough to take the treatment.

I'm waiting for the final diagnosis and trying to decide if putting him through the treatment knowing it won't cure him but might keep him alive longer is being selfish on my part. He's pretty miserable right now and chemo is no fun. With my human patients I know what the statistics are and can give them a good idea if what to expect, but this is so rare in dogs that there hasn't been enough research to generate good statistics.

In other news, the WiFi got fried in the storm we had last night, so posting will be sparse until I can get to LR to replace it.


  1. Still in my thoughts and prayers - give the little guy extra hugs.

  2. Not to be cold about your little guy, but maybe you could help others by taking notes and passing them on?
    If you could ad anything, it's a help.

    Thoughts and prayers.