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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Local Bartering

On Phil's Stock World I found this article on a new site by the founder of

The goal of Alt-Market is to facilitate barter networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas for thriving in a faltering monetary environment. Alt-Market’s developers would like to de-centralize and de-globalize our system of commerce and help us re-localize our economy, in order to insulate cities and states from a possible (and ever more likely) collapse of the dollar.

More for the people who want to do something...

There is also the locavore movement. Originally set up to "save the planet" by eliminating transportation of food, it's real use is in the barter and trade of locally grown fruits and veg. Another way to keep local and make contacts with growers of goods that will be needed at TEOTWAWKI. Or just to keep your family supplied with fresh veg for the growing season.


  1. We've got our peas, spinach, beets, onions, carrots, and even a few tomatoes planted in their walls-o-water. More to come in May or when it warms up a bit more. And chickens and chicks. Fresh veggies are the best thing ever.

    I'll have to check out that website. Last year we had so many leftover tomatoes it was ridiculous.

  2. The locavore people tend to be a little hippyish, at least the ones around here, but the bartering is still useful.

    And there can never be too many tomatoes. Really. It's not possible. When I grew tomatoes I canned them whole, made puree, juice, plain sauce, marinara sauce, spaghetti sauce (completely put together so all it needed was heating), salsa, etc. Of course, I really don't think a meal is complete without a tomato somewhere in it. I wish we were going to be able to grow some this year.