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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remodeling Update

The kitchen is actually coming along nicely. The contractor looked at the tilt and said the house is stable and should just need a little twitch, which is taking place now. (Stared yesterday, they do it a little at a time, plan is to be finished tomorrow.) And, yes, I still think we could have done it, but it would have meant buying more tools (big jacks and stuff we'd never use again) and I might have gotten just a wee bit enthusiastic in the endeavor. So it is probably best that we hired someone.

We finished all of the wiring and, even as I write LBB is fastening down the plywood for the floor. Wall and ceiling mudding will take place Monday and Tuesday, and probably part of Wednesday. My plan is to paint Wednesday after I get off work, if all goes well. The cabinets should be here by then and I have Thursday and Friday off so we'll get the floor down and maybe some of the cabinets in place. I can't wait. Remodeling is not as much fun as it looks like it would be.


  1. Holmes on homes is going to be starting in about ten minutes (7PM central) on HGTV.

  2. I have it set to record. Thanks, again.