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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seems like forever

Finally we have internet again. For someone who has until this blog was started always been generally unconcerned about whether or not it was available, I was seriously jonesing.

Anywho, on to important stuff. Spike is much better, the Vet now thinks he was poisoned somehow. Since I don't keep him on a leash when we walk it's very possible. He wanders and snorts and sniffs everything in the neighborhood and I'm sure he does some tasting, too. For about a week he was too sick to eat and lived on chicken broth squirted down his throat with a syringe several times a day. He still wasn't making any red blood cells, so the Vet gave him an iron shot and he started to turn the corner shortly thereafter. He's still not quite back to himself, but he is eating and moving (he had been just lying under the coffee table) and his personality (dogality?) is more present. We're ecstatic. Now we just wait to see if he continues making RBCs on his own or he needs to continue the iron shots.

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