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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yo, GOP, where are you?

I understand that this a time for winnowing of the candidates, but it's not too early to start explaining the platform. There is a platform, isn't there?

There are people out there, voters, who believe that their welfare checks are paid from Zeroman's stash. While I know that most of them don't plan further ahead than the next half hour, that doesn't mean that all of them are completely ineducable. It's time to produce the Head Start, kindergarten and 1st grade primers on what America really is and means, and how to save it. Small, easily understood Sesame Street sound bytes. Some few of the brain dead krill who voted for Zeroman because he was black, or promised the moon, might be salvageable.

Yes, yes, I know you're just politicians. But you won't remain so for long without producing. Democraps-lite won't go anywhere with anyone this election, so stop shopping for prom dresses and get to work.

Come on, some of this is so obvious it's beyond belief that the Republican establishment hasn't taken advantage of it. Just like pointing it out when the democraps were told by their bosses to call every Republican budget extreme (why didn't you take advantage of that?), why isn't there a campaign to point out how extreme commercials like this are, and explain the truth. At a first grade primer level. That granny's not being pushed off a cliff, that she won't be asked to make hard decisions at 85 or 90 because no one that age will be affected by this plan, that the decisions will be made at retirement, and that the vast majority of supporters of the plan are the ones of an age to be affected by it.

How hard is that? Now get up and start doing something. There are lots more chances for conversion out there, but it won't happen while you sit on your keisters and wait for the wind to blow in the right direction. We currently have a President who is leading from the middle and it's not working very well. Stand up and get out in front.

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