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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Day

After church we hung the last two cabinets in the kitchen. Yay! We still have a lot to do , but all of the backbreaking work is completed. We had to stop working on the kitchen when it began to rain, as everything left to do requires treks in and out of the house and storage shed. See my sad face??

Just to keep myself occupied I began sorting through bookcases. Having been on vacation, my Kindle is dry and, due to having been on vacation and remodeling the kitchen, will have to wait for payday for a refill. Now I have no excuse for not starting to wade through my TBR pile on the bookcases. While tidying them I found 10 books I was ready to pass on and was able to post them to my account and half of them were wishlisted, so with the credits I was hoarding there, plus those, as well as my TBR mountain, I will have plenty to get me through the month. If I sound like a book addict, it's because I am. One of the things I love about the Kindle is the ability to download books directly from it in the case of a book emergency.

Spending the afternoon moving books from one pile to another is my kind of busy.

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