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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy out

I spent part of the weekend over in eastern Arkansas helping a friend work on his house. He lives on the banks of the St. Francis and was flooded out completely last month. His entire neighborhood was involved. We spent the day working without making a lot of visible progress. He's not sure yet what his insurance company will decide and, well, FEMA, we all know about FEMA. I plan to go back over there next weekend to continue the shoveling. At least he was smart enough to do something with the warning and I must say he used the time profitably.

One of our faculty is retiring next week at the end of the school year and the goodbye party is tomorrow. I spent much of last night working on a scrapbook for her and will have to finish it tonight. Reminds me of cramming for finals and boards. Yeah, yeah, I left it a little late, but in my defense I've only known she was retiring since December.

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