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Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's part of the culture

"No matter where I take my eyes, it seems they always see things from my point of view".

Now, me, I grew up in a Christian household in white bread America and I have a real tendency to see things from that perspective. When I meet others I tend to expect that they will have a generally similar viewpoint. Not just because I think I'm right, but because it's such a sensible way to live. Don't lie, cheat, murder. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Live and let live.

That viewpoint over the years has been changed by liberals into political correctness, a complete perversion of that stance that says there is no wrong. And political correctness is rapidly leading to the demise of our free society. We see it every day, in our daily lives as well as on newscasts. Excuses are made for murderers as if they have no control over their own actions. Schoolchildren are taught that there is no wrong, there is only different. Revisionist history is so rampant that I doubt anyone in college now actually knows any truth.

Because of political correctness we can no longer state simply that something is wrong. As a direct result of that we have a government that will not admit we are at war with Islam, that this is not just a few radicals but an entire religion-based society.

Because we see the world in a specific way we expect that others will do so also. We are prepared to give people the benefit of the doubt, even our legal system is set up that way.

When an individual kills in this country we look at his past, we blame his upbringing, and offer leniency on that. "Oh, he was abused as a child." We are content to lay the blame on his parents.

And yet, when it comes to Muslims there is a terrible disconnect between the actions of the individual and the religion which is known to have indoctrinated him into the belief that his actions are correct. Because to acknowledge this would be to indict an entire religion and all of its adherents. And that would not be politically correct. It is the single area where personal responsibility is embraced by liberals.

We, who have been taught that there is no excuse for a lie, are not prepared to deal with men like Sobhi Saleh who are willing to lie while swearing to God. We are not prepared for a religion that has as one of it's main tenets the command to kill everyone who is not of that religion, because we were not raised that way.

We must find a way to overcome this viewpoint or it will surely lead to our demise as a society. I see in the bloggers and in a few people this awareness and, while it is not enough to win, it is enough to keep hope alive that it is not too late.

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