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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No, I say, no! Bad, GOP, Bad!

Geez, can't you guys find somewhere to rent a spine? A jellyfish has more vertabrae than the entire lot of you.

Just yesterday I gave you some excellent advice, and what do I see today? Short term debt ceiling deal? Sure, that's just what we need, another endless, pointless and eventually unsuccessful debate over money. Stop. Just stop.

“As you know, Speaker Boehner has indicated that any increase in the debt limit ought to be accompanied by at least a commensurate reduction in the deficit. While discussions are still ongoing (and will continue this week), I am cautiously optimistic we can find sufficient common ground with the administration to enact spending cuts that meet the goal outlined by the Speaker,” he said in the email, obtained by The Hill.

At least? Reduce the deficit by the amount the debt ceiling is increased? That's not even close. That's so far away from what the people who sent you to Washington want that it's not even in the same solar system.

Do not do a short term debt ceiling deal. Do not increase the debt ceiling without having massive cuts and changes to entitlements cast in stone. Do not spread the cuts over ten years. There are hundreds of billions of dollars to be saved in eliminating duplicative programs alone. There are entire departments begging to be eliminated.

The White House favors a debt fail safe trigger that would force spending cuts or tax increases if the size of the debt is not shrinking compared to the size of the economy.

Or tax increases? Or? There is no or with this administration and if you allow this your names (Boehner, Cantor, Kyl) will be synonymous with those of Vidkun Quisling and Benedict Arnold. Your time to remain in the halls of power will be very short and the stench will follow you for the rest of your unfortunate time on this Earth.

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  1. "if you allow this your names (Boehner, Cantor, Kyl) will be synonymous with those of Vidkun Quisling and Benedict Arnold..."

    ...and Newt Gingrich!