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Friday, July 8, 2011


Last week I was doing my monthly boob squeezing and found a lump. So I scheduled a mammogram which was done today, and then they wanted an ultrasound, and next week a biopsy. Not that I think anything is wrong, but it's prudent to check. (For what it's worth, the radiologists don't think anything is wrong either, but they're prudent, too.)

I'm just posting this as a reminder to everyone to do their monthly exams. Girls and Guys both. Testicular cancer is completely curable if found early enough, so do the exam, guys. We know you have your hands down there often enough, so do something for your health while you're at it. Testicular cancer is most likely between that ages of 15 and 34, so the recommendations are to start monthly exams at 14 and continue through at least 35.


  1. Hope everything is okay. Have the sheet to call and schedule mine but haven't yet. Will make it a point to do so this coming week.

  2. Thank you. I think everything is fine, but we have the technology to be certain so I'm taking advantage of it.