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Monday, September 19, 2011


I am still around and plan to start doing better.  Between Donna's death and my car accident...well, life interfered.  My wrist is still in a cast, making typing a pain, I can't turn my head, and work has been a zoo lately. 

We do have some new people hired, one starting this week, one should have AR license and  be through the credentialing committee by the beginning of next month, and one in November.  Since one of my colleagues is on vacation for three weeks, that has left two of us to cover the load of six.  Can't wait for that to stop.

In other news, they totaled my car so I've got to go car shopping soon.  Problem is, I have no idea what I want.  I had planned on driving my car for another 14 or 15 years.  (LBB had an Acura that was old enough to drink legally before it started having problems.)  Having just finished remodeling the kitchen, my budget for a new car is not what I would like and I refuse to make payments.  Also having not looked at cars in several years, I have no idea what's out there and in my budget.  I'm really starting with no idea.  I hate that.

This is Josie:

She's visiting while my colleague is spending three weeks in a light house on the coast of Wales.  He recently lost one of his dogs and wasn't planning to get another until he got home, but Josie was available for adoption and he couldn't pass her up.  Her original person died, his daughter took her, but the daughter's little girl poked her in the eye and did some damage, so Josie was put in foster care until she could be adopted.  Peter had her for two weeks before he left and neither of us liked the idea of her going into a kennel so soon. So here she is.  She's making herself at home in Spike's bed, with his naked chicken. 

It's fun having a young dog around again.  Her mannerisms and actions are so reminiscent of Spike at that age.  Just don't start a game of fetch unless you have plenty of time and energy!

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