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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Due to lack of foresight on my employers part we have been extremely short-handed.  Saturday was my 21st 11 or 12 hour day in a row.  I caught up on the house and laundry Sunday and yesterday LBB dropped me off in Memphis to pick up the new car.  I managed time to drive one in LR, but they didn't have it in 4WD and wouldn't give me the internet price.  So I ordered it from a dealer in Memphis.  The internet price saved quite a bit, though I spent half of the savings on a couple of dealer options...anyway, they had it ready last week, but I didn't have time to pick it up.

I was however owed lots of time off and am in a use it or lose it phase, I have to take 6 weeks before the end of the year.  I decided to take half of it now and break in the new car with a road trip.
So after LBB dropped me off I threw my duffle bag in the new car and drove to Nashville where I listened to a terrific guitarist at B.B. Kings. 

This morning I toured Belle Meade Plantation and The Hermitage, then headed north.  I was going to go straight to Louisville for a tour of The Louisville Slugger Museum,
but I was distracted by a sign pointing to a Shaker Village Museum that was only about 30 miles out of the way and sounded interesting.  I had no more than gotten back on the interstate after visiting there than I was distracted by a sign that mentioned a train museum...well, what could I do?  While I was arguing with the nav system I accidentally gave myself a driving tour of WKU, which has a very pretty campus.  I really was going to continue north after the trains when I was distracted by The National Corvette Museum.  How could I possibly miss that?

I did finally make it to Louisville and will have to spend the night here in order to go to the Slugger Museum since I was running a little later than originally planned.   Eh,who cares? I'm on vacation.

It seems my nav system thinks the only places I could possibly want to go in Louisville are dark alleys and dead end streets in unsavory neighborhoods.   I did find my way from an old neighborhood of not particularly well kept small houses to a neighborhood of not particularly well kept large pretty old homes to a neighborhood of very well kept large pretty old homes somewhere downtown.   I also found a place to eat and another blues place called Stevie Ray's.

Three days off and while I'm still tired my attitude has improved immensely.   I did try to talk Nicolas into removing the cast early, but he insisted on an xray and offered to remove it late instead.  The wrist hasn't healed yet and a couple of the small bones in my hand are being recalcitrant.  He doesn't trust me to be careful enough.  Go figure.

After the Slugger museum tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Cleveland and annoy a friend who lives there.  I can tourist while she works and we can visit when she's off.   Might make it there tomorrow.  Depends how many distractions there are on the way.


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