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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I had a ride offer as I was leaving the motel this morning.  A nice truck driver took pity on me.  I have no idea what he thought, but there I was at the vending machine to get a water to go, wearing a pair of bright turquoise blue tennies, my oldest jeans,  a tie-dyed T-shirt made by a friend that had a small peace sign surrounded by the words Peace through Superior Fire Power on the front and in big letters on the back says Give Peace a Chance.  And because I'm into elegant luggage a duffle bag and a backpack.

I went to the Slugger Museum and Thomas Edison House (despite the assistance of my nav system) and then hit the road for Cleveland. 

Once I was in Ohio there were lots fewer distractions.   There must be stuff I'd like to see, but there were no roadside signs to tempt me off the highway. 

Tonight we had dinner in a cute little area called Old Town Rocky River at Tartine's Restaurant.  The cheese plate was great, I had the ratatouille (which was a little bland) and Gretchen had the Brisket Tartine (which was really good).  The restaurant is really cute and the area is nice.  Terrific ambience. Of course, we talked for hours. 

I guess tomorrow we're going to the symphony at Severance Hall, just because the building is gorgeous.  Good thing I have a travel version of the little black dress and brought the red spike heels.  (That's one of the things that makes traveling by car nicer, one can bring shoes.)

Lots of sightseeing ahead while Gretchen works.  I can't post pictures from this, but will post some when I get home.  I had to bring my own computer and Mifi as Gretchen refuses to have such things in her house.  She's such a workaholic that when she had access to work from home she never had any leisure time. 

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