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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tomorrow should be very interesting

Two of my colleagues are from (fG)Britain.  One is English and the other a Scot.  I was discussing shooting with another colleague and the Brit overheard and said, "That sounds like fun."

So I offered to take him to the range and he agreed.  While we were talking the Scot wandered in and some more discussion ensued, the upshot of which being that he decided to go also. 

Today while I was making arrangements with them I said something that caught the Brit's attention and he interrupted, "What?! Are you meaning these are real guns?"

Guess he didn't hear all of the discussion that originally caught his interest. 

Me: "Well, yes."

From both of them long drawn out oooohhhs, "We thought you meant like laser tag or something.  That it would be like a live video game."

Me: "No, real guns.  Are you still interested?"

A minute of thought from both, then big grins and almost in unison the equivalent of: "What the hell, it's America!  We did come here for the freedom."

So tomorrow afternoon I shall be at the range with two men who have never personally seen a  gun.  I am in no way experienced enough to try to teach them anything myself so we'll hire the range instructor for a couple of hours. I expect to thoroughly enjoy myself. Even if I weren't going to shoot, just watching them will be terrific. 

As I was leaving work they both (separately) reminded me to not be late as they are looking forward to it. Perhaps there will be two more converts after tomorrow.  


  1. Coolness!

    Let us know how it went!

  2. Well done. Two more souls for restoration of liberty on the island once called -- without a smirk -- Great Britain.

  3. Good for them for being willing to try something new, and good for you for being willing to give them the opportunity. Go forth, be safe, have fun, and give them the opportunity to have fun too, and something tells me it will all work out just fine :).