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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Brady vaccine took

I was in my office trying to catch up on some paperwork when D came in an plopped down in a chair to inform me, "I was telling one of the first year fellows about our range trip and she thinks she should learn to shoot, too, so I told her you would take her.  And I want to go to when you go, so what's a good day?  Can't be tomorrow, I have call.   Are they open on the weekend?"

The fellow says she's not really interested in learning to shoot for fun, but since she has a new baby girl at home and her husband has a lot of night call she thinks she should learn for protection.   I have call this weekend, but we're all off next Tuesday, so it looks like another range trip will be in order.

On top of that I came across P showing a picture of his target to one of the IT guys in the hallway a while after that conversation.

Here is his target, very first time he ever saw a real gun.  He used my M&P .9 and is really proud of himself that all the shots were on the target.

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