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Thursday, November 3, 2011

You just can't help some people

One of my patients has been complaining of terrible belly pain and diarrhea for several days.  It's probably chemotherapy related colitis so he's been started on some medicine for it and told not to eat anything as part of the solution is to rest the gut.

This morning he was feeling much better.  Even though I explained that since it still hurt when I palpated his belly he wasn't yet well enough he fussed and begged and whined that I was starving him to death, until I finally told him he could try a cup of broth. 

Shortly after he had the broth his nurse called to tell me that it went right through him, that the patient had diarrhea again and was lying on the bed writhing and moaning in pain. 

A lot of medicine later, he was finally comfortable.

The same nurse just called to tell me that the same patient had the munchies when he woke up from his afternoon nap so he called his wife and asked her to bring him a coke and a Twinkie®.

And he ate them.

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