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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Take the time to learn it the right way

 When P,  D and I went to the range together a few weeks ago we had such a good time we decided to sign up for one of the RangeMaster courses.

So this weekend we went to Memphis for the RangeMaster Level 1 course. It was truly excellent.  They were professional and knowledgeable and as a fairly new shooter , even though I was already familiar with most of the material, I gained a much better understanding of the actual meaning behind those words. The instructors didn't treat me like a special needs student, even though I clearly was, and as a result I left there feeling a both a great deal more competent and a great deal more comfortable with shooting. 

They teach multiple courses for all levels of shooters and if you are in the vicinity and interested in something like that or know someone who is, I highly recommend them.  We enjoyed it so much we signed up for the Level 2 before leaving, and what better could be said? 

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