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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I moved back in tonight after the carpet finally dried.  Smells like an unfinished basement in here though and I'll have to do something about that.  Soon.

Blanche Kitty disappeared last night.  Blanche was a foundling, when she wandered up here she was still a kitten, but had obviously been someone's pet.  She had a damaged eye and misshapen head that looked like someone had kicked her and decided to get rid of her by dropping her off in the country.  The vet was able to save her, but she was blind in the right eye and her head wasn't right.  In more ways than one.

But she was a sweet tempered, loving little cat and we enjoyed her company.  I was surprised by that, as I had always considered myself a dog person.  Big dogs at that.  Mom had Spike and I adjusted to him, then Blanche joined us and Brian found his way here, too, and I found I not only adjusted but came to love having them.

Spike will miss her, too.

We live out sort of in the country and worry about the cats being out, but they got used to it when on their own and are argumentative when kept in too much.  We'd been lucky so far, but it looks like Blanche ran into a chupacabra last night. We've hunted for her and called and driven around looking with no sign of her. I haven't completely given up hope, but she's never out this long and usually doesn't go far.


  1. Had a cat one time that disappeared for a week, finally showed up again looking rather bedraggled. It liked to get up under the hood of the car; figured that it had gone for an unexpected ride.

    Don't want to give you false hope, but there really is something to that "the cat came back" song.

  2. I hope she does, she's a good little cat and we missed her last night.