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Monday, December 19, 2011

Charlie Brown works for the RCMP

The RCMP are obviously lacking prioritization skills if they really think catching a graffiti artist is worth staking out his trailer with expensive motion activated cameras.  Having the cameras set to flash while operating is not precisely a genius move either.

That the flash cards on the cameras had many scenes from actual crimes just reinforces the Keystone Kops aspect of this operation.  It is appalling that the only expression of concern for the privacy of the victims on those cards came from the person being investigated, though the RCMP have decided to use only new cards on future investigations.  Which is not exactly reassuring.

But at least the official response of the CMP fit right in with the rest of their poorly planned and badly carried out spying, “The fact that someone has committed a criminal act and stolen our cameras certainly is, I guess, a concern for RCMP and for our investigators,” said Sgt. Dan Seibel.

Got news for you, Dan.  Leave stuff laying around on my property and I will consider it mine to do with as I please.   He didn't steal them, you left them there and made them impossible to ignore.


  1. They trespassed on private property to leave their toys, as far as I'm concerned if the toys are gone when they go back to look for them, tough!