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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Been working a lot lately. 7 days a week and up to 20 hours.  The census has been high, there are three of us doing the job of six and every one with family wanted the holidays off.  Plus I picked up some extra paid hours at a second job.  I'm going to continue it for a while so posting will remain a thought more often then an action for the foreseeable future.

Conversations overheard at the second job:

First Conversation:

"Your pain medication prescription was filled last week, you can't get more so soon."

  "But, Doc, I have to have a refill on my pain medicine.  I lost all of the pills I got last week at my grandmother's funeral.  See, I had the bottle in my shirt pocket and when I leaned over the grave to drop some dirt on her casket it fell out."

Second Conversation:

"This is the second time you've shown positive for cocaine and I'm not going to give you any opiates."

"But I don't use cocaine.  See, I sell it and it gets in my pores. I would never use it."

Third Conversation, same afternoon: 

"I really need the refill.  I traded my last one for some coke and now I'm really hurting."

Fourth Conversation:

"Those bastard cops didn't give my pain medicine back when they let me out of jail and I have to have something."


  1. Great quotes, yet sadly true.

  2. Yeah, it's no wonder this job has a high burn out rate.