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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's not over for the Big Man

I'm sure most of you have seen this video of the Big Man tossing an argumentative yoot off a train in Scotland by now.

Sadly, that was not the end for Big Man. He's been identified as Alan Pollock and now that he's outed is facing possible assault charges and will likely be sued for everything he owns by the yob who created the problem. (And whose version doesn't exactly match the video, but that won't matter much in a Scots court).  I'm sure civil is next on his father's list of courts for Mr. Pollock.

It's truly atrocious that societies have deteriorated to the point that the expectation is that one must put up with such behavior in public and that responding in a fashion similar to Mr. Pollock is wrong enough to merit prison.  If Mr. Main had cared enough to teach his son to act right or expect to get such assistance in exiting Sam might have considered his actions more carefully, and no one on that train would have had to suffer through that incident.

If the lawmakers would stop protecting the Sams of the world from the deficiencies in their upbringing and consider the rest of the citizens on that train, the ones whose journey home at the end of a long productive day was interrupted by an obnoxious larrikin, Mr. Pollock would not be at risk of losing everything.

I know, if, if, if, wishes and horses.  This is really a small thing in the overall disintegration of society, but it is disheartening to see incidents like this that occur regularly throughout Western Civilization be shrugged away by the vast majority of the members of that civilization as being minor and unimportant. 

Manners matter. Civilization cannot exist long in a place where people will not treat each other politely.  Frankly, in my ideal world Sam would have been thrown off the train for attitude and language even if he could prove he had a ticket. 

I suppose having a ringside seat to view the crumbling of the greatest societies ever created would be viewed by some as an amazing opportunity.

I doubt the Romans saw it that way either.

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