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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Which one was 4?

In another example of sterling idiocy a security guard at Safeway detained a 4 year old and made her sign (she can't write, but he made her scribble on the signature line) a form acknowledging that she was henceforth banned from all Safeway stores because she ate some apricots.

Fortunately, the higher ups in the chain took appropriate action when informed.

Once word got to Safeway HQ, the guard was the one who was kicked out of the store.
"Our policies on shoplifting are intended to protect our customers, but built on common sense. And everyone understands what common sense is," a Safeway rep tells KOMO-TV. "We are as appalled as the parent is. Our division president was absolutely appalled, called the mom and apologized."

Dear Safeway Rep, welcome to the real world where everyone doesn't understand what common sense is, and many don't even come close.   I'm just glad the division president has some.

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