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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Box Return

Europe reverts to the past more and more every day.  From 30's style soup kitchens with block long lines in Greece to bank shut downs in Italy to entire families of older children being abandoned to orphanages by parents who can no longer afford to feed them and now the return of medieval baby boxes. 

Yet the liberal response is to oppose doing anything practical as it will interfere with exercising rights that currently exist mainly as intellectual exercise throughout much of the world.
So one of the arguments made by those who condemn the system is that it may well be men who are giving the baby away, dumping him or her seems too hard a word. The critics say that baby boxes may be used by unscrupulous fathers or even controllers of prostitutes to put pressure on mothers to dispose of an unwanted baby.
The psychologist, Kevin Browne of Nottingham University told the BBC: "Studies in Hungary show that it's not necessarily mothers who place babies in these boxes - that it's relatives, pimps, step-fathers, fathers.
"Therefore, the big question is: are these baby boxes upholding women's rights, and has the mother of that child consented to the baby being placed in the baby box?"
And what exactly does Mr. Browne think would be happening to these babies if the relatives, pimps, stepfathers and fathers who got their hands on them long enough to drop them off at the boxes didn't have those as a resource?  Of course he does work for the UN, which as an indicator of intelligence likely places him barely above a sea urchin, but does he really think boxes should uphold women's rights? Or that a woman in such a position as to have her pimp dispose of her child is more concerned with women's rights than daily existence and would prefer the alternative disposition to a warm box at a hospital?

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