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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I received a letter from Sprint today telling me there had been a change in my PIN number and security question.  Which is very nice to know.

Especially since I don't have an account with Sprint. At all. Ever.

So I called them to clear it up and after working my way through their voice mail hell I finally got a real live person on the phone.  Who, after I had spent some time making him understand my complaint, promptly disconnected me.

Rather than go back through Voice Mail Purgatory, I opened a chat account.  After much back and forth one of the gnomes they keep in the basement tried to tell me it was a simple mistake and he would fix it.  Really?  An account with the wrong name and address on it is a simple mistake at Sprint?

Then he began insisting he need my SSN to check for an error.  I refused.  Multiple times.  He said, "Oh, but I need it to look for an account under your name."

Why?  If it's my name you're looking for, why not look under that?  So I continued to refuse.  Then he said he took my name off that account and I wouldn't be bothered any more.  Say what?  He just took my name off?  So I asked what name he changed the account to, since he said he removed mine.  At that point he transferred me to a Special Agent at Advanced Group Support, who, after taking time to review my conversation with the basement gnome, promptly asked for my PIN so she could access my account. The one I don't have.

And this from the upper level of gnomes?  I ended up going through the entire problem again, and ended with this from her,  "I understand that you did not request it to change it. "

Well, no, I did not request a PIN change on an account I don't have.  I am now elevated to the Executive Services team.

How many levels do you think I will need to go through before I reach one where there is a person who has the ability to grasp that?

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