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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nose thumbing

The response from Homeland Security and the Zeroman Administration to the Supreme Court decision yesterday on SB1070 was to again thumb their noses at the law. 

Napolitano's statement to Arizona was simple.  It's basically go ahead and check for illegals, arrest them all you want. We still won't pick them up and deport them, because we don't care about the laws of the United States.  We're going to run our fiefdom the way we want, because we already know the people and their so-called representatives won't do anything about it.

Even if the law leads local police to refer more people to immigration officials, many of them will not be picked up under the guidelines announced on Monday, just hours after the Supreme Court's ruling, by senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security.
In Arizona, immigration officers have been instructed not to pick up an illegal immigrant stopped by local police, unless the person is:
• A convicted criminal
• Someone who has been deported in the past
• Or a recent illegal border crosser.

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