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Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Monday already?

Worked all weekend and in my time off did some gardening and canning.  Did up 5 quarts of tomatoes, 8 quarts of green beans and 3 pints of chili peppers. 
Yesterday the Youth Group went ice skating and I went along as a chaperone.  Boy, what a nice break from the heat.  It had been so long I had no speed whatever on the ice, but at least I'm not so far gone that I did any skating on my butt.
Spent some time on the phone with my older sister and we made plans to meet in Cleveland at her daughter's again in October.  We also decided to attend Bouchercon and got signed up for that.  Since we're both voracious readers and familiar with most of the authors who will be attending it looks like it will be very interesting.
One more week of two jobs and then I will be wondering what to do with myself, I'm sure. 

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