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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A violation of Human Rights?

What about my Human Right to keep what I've earned?  How is it that an entire nation has reached the point of believing that people have a right to layabout on the backs of others? 
Cait Reilly, 22, said she had to leave her voluntary work at a museum to take a placement at the budget store for two weeks or risk losing her benefits.

They say the requirement under the 2011 regulations to carry out mandatory work breaches Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits slavery and forced labour. 
No, no it's not slavery or forced labor.  Slaves can't say no.  They can't decide to take care of themselves by getting off their asses and getting a job, thus eliminating the need for this program.
In a second case, judicial review is being sought by a claimant who refused to take part in another scheme called the Community Action Programme.
Jamieson Wilson, 40, was ordered to do 30 hours' unpaid work a week cleaning furniture for six months.
Mr Wilson, a mechanic who has been claiming benefits since 2008, refused because he said it did not relate to his chosen field.
He now faces losing his benefits for up to six months
Since 2008.  4 years of collecting welfare and he is too good to clean furniture.   It's not his chosen field and if he can't do exactly what he wants he'll sit around on his ass and collect welfare until the perfect job turns up. 

Another example of why government should not be involved in charity.


  1. "What about my Human Right to keep what I've earned?"

    Good question. Here's one answer, from the good old days of FDR and his gang:

    “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State.”

    This argument was used, among other things, to confiscate privately-owned gold.

  2. Which is why the "New Deal" turned out to be such a raw deal.