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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is it with school sports programs?

Jerry Sanduskey is on trial for crimes that his school covered up for years so as to not ruin the reputation of their football program.  When his alleged crimes came to light students rioted in support of the coach who didn't do the right thing by insisting on reporting the crimes.

In Norwood, CO, a student on a wrestling meet was kidnapped from a school bus, hands and feet tied and anally raped by older students. And the town is now divided as many of the residents (Pop. 450) support the rapists. 
Norwood students sporting “Team TTH” T-shirts were told to remove them at the Norwood Schools’ annual end-of-the-school-year barbecue.“Team TTH” was an explicit proclamation of support for the three students, ages 14-16, facing felony charges in a Feb. 16 sexual assault on a 13-year-old fellow student in Denver.
Lest you think this is confined to a collection of ignorant teenagers, when the rape was reported the school judged it sufficient punishment to suspend the rapists for one day. Not only did they not regard it as reportable, despite their duty to report it, they blamed the victim discussing suspending him as well.
Fortunately for the victim, the meet took place in Denver and those police are willing to investigate.  

Of course this is not in the US alone, as a boy on a Rugby trip was raped also and even the police won't help.  
 The next night, after the victim had gone to sleep, he was allegedly attacked in his bed and raped. His attackers also shaved his eyebrows, squirted toothpaste up his nose and drew a phallic object on his forehead.
Boy, that'll teach 'em.

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