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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cops don't need guns per this officer

The police chief and one of his officers in Vaughn, NM are prohibited from carrying guns as both are felons. 

To be fair, Armijo was indicted for delinquent child support, though he is under investigation for abusing a K9.  But Officer Bernal, who is not a certified officer having never attended the police academy, has a conviction for assault and battery.

Bet that makes the citizens there feel safer.


  1. May be that is and also dogs are considered the best friends and truly faithful of humans as well.

  2. I don't get it.

    Am I supposed to feel better that a cop will use the threat of a beating instead of a gun to get compliance?

    Or that they will enforce their will with tasers (which can be lethal) instead of a firearm?

    Saying you don't need guns is like saying you don't need a 6" Philips screwdriver when you have a full box of other tools.

  3. Most cops are guilty of assault and battery after they have the badge, they just don't get prosecuted for it because they faked up some probable cause to get there, so I don't see the difference anyway.

  4. M. I find abusing dogs a heinous crime and not taking care of your children is worse. This is not the man who should be a police officer.

    Bob S. I need a sarcasm font. Or some sleep before posting. That the people in this town have allowed these men to stay in their jobs is another sign of the deterioration of this country.

    T.L. But these men have been caught, prosecuted, and convicted and are still cops. The masks of civilization slides further and further off every day.