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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good neighbors

I live on a small dead end street (not cul-de-sac, it ends at one of my neighbor's ponds) out in what a city dweller would consider the country.  Not a fancy area, every one lives on anywhere from 2 to 20 acres.  Yet it still only takes me 20 minutes to get to work downtown in Little Rock.

The man who lives on the 2 acre plot next to us is a complete asshole not a good neighbor.  Our introduction to him when he moved in was when he shot Mother's little shih tzu with his pellet gun (the dog was on our property).  Of course, we had a discussion with him and expressed some displeasure, so our original meeting could not be said to have gone well.  There have been a few other incidents, but nothing major. Well, except the time he decided to create a shooting area on his property and built a 5 foot long, 4 foot tall berm at the end of a 30 foot shooting lane aimed across our property.  We had to inform him then that any shots crossing our land would elicit return fire.  And those are really the only dealings we've had with him.  Until Sunday.

Sunday morning Mr. Man woke to find that someone's dog had killed one of his goats. Now, normally that would create some sympathy for him, but his reaction was...well, shall we say over the top?

We were disturbed Sunday by  multiple gunshots when Mr. Man went bugnuts, foaming at the mouth crazy and killed a dog (not sure it was the culprit in the goat killing).  Mr. Man fired at least a dozen rounds to kill one sad little medium sized dog.  All the while ranting at the top of his lungs about the situation. 

Once his gun was empty LBB couldn't resist saying something to him (yes, I know) and it spun him back up into another screaming tirade, before he started over the fence at LBB.

So why do I say I have good neighbors? 

Because during the row Nephew and I each received two calls from other neighbors the essence of which was "Hold the fort, backup's on the way!"

Two of the across the street neighbors didn't bother with the phone, they just came. 

And, just as good, even with all the ruckus and five men and one woman running down the street with multiple weapons each, no one, not even the neighbors who chose not to get involved, felt the need to invite the participation of any minions of government. 

We takes care of our own in my neighborhood; and you'll never have to deal with the bodies by yourself.

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