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Thursday, January 24, 2013

No difference?

The first part of the “No Budget, No Pay” strategy is to suspend the debt limit through May 19, 2013 with no spending cuts. It seems Republicans have decided not to leverage the debt limit to achieve real reforms. In lieu of cuts, the bill will contain language stating that the Senate must pass a budget or not be paid. This sounds strong, but there will be no clause stating that the Senate budget must place us on a path to fiscal responsibility. Nor will there be a clause stating that the Senate budget must be reconciled with the House budget. This is seemingly just a ploy.

 Found at Maggie's Notebook, this is the partial response of Rep. Jim Bridenstone to HR325.  The rest is at the link.  On the other hand, my representative, Tim Griffin, who got elected partially due to showing up at TEA Party meetings costumed as a conservative has this to say;

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