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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun Range

Peter's parents haven't been here just for a visit since we first got interested in shooting, but his dad has wanted to go with since he found out we were learning.  Dad hasn't held a weapon since his Army days, because England, you know, and he was really excited at getting to try it again.  So they're here now and today we made a trip to the range.

 I unpacked my range bag and handed Dad a Glock 19, then had to laugh when I looked up and saw him grasping it like a rifle and sighting down the slide.  I guess the Army doesn't teach pistols.  So we went over form and function along with safety before putting the targets up. Lots of fun was had and I really wish I had some pictures to commemorate the trip.  Next time they're here I'll get pics, because Dad is eager to go again.  He has the targets spread around the living room now, trying to decide which he should take to show off to his poor unarmed buddies.  He can hardly wait to gloat. Too bad it's illegal to have so much fun at home .

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