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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slow here for a while...quite a while

It's not that I'm no longer interested, it's just been busy out.  Finally have Peter's estate organized enough to close the probate once the house sells.  Spent months remodeling the house to suit the realtor, now it is all bland and neutral and HGTV watcher friendly.  (Just in case you're wondering, I despise removing wallpaper.  Especially wallpaper applied by the builder on unsealed wallboard. And it was in almost every room.) Hope it sells soon.  We had to keep it on hold for 6 months since he died intestate.

The case against the woman who killed him is closed now also. Never was a criminal case, and I 'd really like to know why not. She was driving an unsafe vehicle, something she was well aware of since her son reported to the police that the day before the wreck she told him that wheel was wobbly.  And it wasn't just the tire part, the entire wheel came off.    She had no insurance, something she lied about to the police, the license on the van belonged to another van of hers as the one she was driving that day was goes on and on...since she uses these vans to transport handicapped children and Medicaid patients you would think the courts should take an interest, but no...not this legal system.

We did try suing her for all the good it did.  She closed her business the day after killing Peter and transferred all the assets to a new business under a different name.  She's had practice, several previous bankruptcies.  Not happy at all with the conclusion, but the legal system doesn't care about that either.

What bothered me most was that in her deposition she thanked God for saving her, stated it was due to doing her devotions that morning and never once expressed any interest or concern for the person she killed with her negligence. 

Sorry, enough already.  Anyway, plan to start treating the blog better.  I've changed jobs, not employers, just left Oncology, and this month is already getting interesting.  In July the new interns start and they are usually so much fun.  Already had a couple of delightful H&Ps (History and Physicals) out of them.

I'm also learning to live alone again, there have been otther people in my house for so long I'd forgotten how.  The brothers (LBB and BBB) have finished their house (it's in my backyard, so they didn't go far) enough to live in and have moved up the hill with Niece4.  Nephew1 is living in the camping trailer behind my garage and Nephew4 went back to Californistan.

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