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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Been busy out lately

I worked a bunch of extra shifts last week and spent all yesterday getting caught up at home (as if that ever happens.)

A friend and I did some meal planning and shopping as well and got a lot of meals into the freezer for both of us as I hate spending on the dry sandwiches available at the hospital in the middle of the night.

I knew she didn't cook but I didn't realize quite how totally a non-cook she is until I asked her to slice a cucumber and turned around a few minutes later to see her very carefully slicing a zucchini!

Peter's house finally sold last week, it was difficult emotionally and I had a hard time with it, especially since it sold on the anniversary of his death and the day before Mom's birthday. It rained both days and I was feeling really guilty about working so much and not getting flowers out to the graveyards, so LBB was kind enough to offer to take them.  Feels bad not doing it myself, but I know they would understand. Flowers were important to Mom, but she knew that sometimes life gets in the way and as long as I never miss flowers for Dad on Memorial Day she'd be all right with it.

Gotta run, still have about 50 bazillion errands to get out of the way today before starting another week of 12 hour shifts. Plus it's time for another haircut as I have enough to donate once again and I'm going to try to squeeze that in.

You know, somehow week before last was a lot calmer and sooo much nicer.  Oh, well, next week will be better.
Much more my speed

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