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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The fog of starting a war.

Well, it was predicted years back the Middle East was going to become a sticky bucket of shit if Bush I invaded Iraq. So he didn’t, he stopped at the border and Iraq became a flaming mess anyway.

KSM bombed the World Trade Center and Bill didn’t do anything.

Saudis flew jets into tall buildings and George W. bombed Afghanistan. 
Then it was discovered that bin Laden was behind it and he was in Afghanistan hiding behind the Taliban, so ho, off to Afghanistan we go! 

Everyone warned this would be a quagmire equal to Vietnam.  Instead, the army blew through in a couple months and had bin Laden cornered until the politicians got involved and they let the Pakis sneak him off to Pakistan.  It became a quagmire and the politicians said I told you so.

George says Iraq has WMD’s, so let’s go get Saddam. We get into it up to our asses in Iraq, but Barack took over and decided to quit.

“Leave Iraq,” he commands, and there is now peace in Iraq because he says so.

Egypt, Libya and Syria all rebel wanting to create states controlled by Islam instead of their iron fisted rulers. We declare Arab Spring and help Egypt and Libya install Islamic governments who hate the United States. Syria is left to fight on their own and ISIS tries to over throw Assad to install an Islamic government.  In the meantime Libya raids an embassy and kills Americans and Egypt’s Army kicks out the Muslim Brotherhood and takes over.

Now ISIS or ISIL is going to take over Syria and Iraq and become an Islamic State with the goal of killing every last living being who isn’t a Muslim.

For public consumption, Barack says that can’t happen. The U.S. must stop ISIS or ISIL but the problem is we can’t decide who to fight.  First we must identify the enemy.  A committee should be appointed to determine who the enemy is and they’ll get right on that as soon as they select the proper table shape, correct number of members, and a proper seating chart is completed.  Only then will they be properly equipped to begin the task of pinpointing the enemy.

Once the enemy is determined to be ISIS or ISIL, or some other entity that we have yet to hear of, then we can decide just how to resolve the entire Middle East crisis without boots on the ground. After that the task of selecting a type of government for Iraq and Syria can begin.

From the experience in Egypt I would say no Muslim Brotherhood (they probably won’t have time anyway, being too busy taking over the US) and whatever Libya used as an excuse for government is definitely out.
My choice, had I a choice, would be to install a despot like Saddam or Assad.  Democracy is not a type of government suited to a country of religious fanatics who believe everyone not a member of their religion needs to die. And, like it or not, that is who controls the Middle East. 
Remember the nineties when Saddam and his sons were raping and pillaging Iraq? They seldom made the news.  Who would have ever considered that those would be the good old days.

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