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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blogging Challenge Day 6 - Looking forward to fall

The fall colors have already started showing around here in places.  It's early this year but still beautiful. Been an odd summer weatherwise and I hope fall will be more in our usual pattern.  Still, I love seeing the colors.

My autumn garden is in and I hope for a good harvest there.  It's a little early, but did I mention the odd weather?

We finally have a full crew at work, so that will make life easier both at work and home.  I hope we stay fully staffed for a while but who knows?  I plan to enjoy it while it lasts and spend as many of the lovely autumn days outside as possible.  There are several good hikes in the area and it's just nice to sit out on the veranda and enjoy the beauty and feel of living in the country.

I've begun changing out my pantry to get ready to start the Whole 30 and am getting excited about it. Since I've been growing some of my own food and bartering for fresh eggs and meat I have really noticed the difference between the food I get that way and the food I buy at the grocery store (now I get fresh veg at the little local hardware store, grown here by people who pick it that day and bring it in for sale, plus I and have LBB and a neighbor who hunt and nephews who fish.)  I plan to continue to increase my local eating just because I like it better, so I thought this would be a good time to go for the Whole 30 and see how I feel.

I had planned another trip to California for November, but have decided against that one as it will be busy here.  I do have to get my passport renewed as I'm planning a trip to Europe again in Feb. or March.  I'm sure I shall spend much time this autumn ruminating over exactly what I want to do while there and contacting friends to see who will be home so I can stop in and say hi.

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