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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 7 Blogging Challenge - 7 things you would change/improve about yourself

Oh, goodness, just thinking about this list is a challenge.  It required some serious introspection and maybe a self-ass-kicking.  So, here goes:

1. This is easy and was very obvious, mainly because it is a constant.  No matter how fit I am I always want it to be better.  Of course, I am not, have never, and don't want to be like this;

Not that there is anything wrong with people who do, but it's just not me!

Nonetheless, improving my fitness will always be a goal, but then

2. I have a huge, very large, actually gigantic sarcasm streak.  I should try to get it under control. Someday.

3. To go with that I maybe need to beef up my filters...

4. I work in a large bureaucracy and have little patience with procedure taking precedence over production.  I need to try to focus my energy on the smaller things I have a chance of winning.

5. In many ways I am very disciplined, almost regimented.  In others not so much.  Sometimes I have to remind myself;

6. Sometimes I need to be reminded that what I do, who I am, does affect others and that I need to be constantly aware of that in my speech (that bone deep, body wide sarcasm streak I mentioned earlier comes into play here, too, but there are other influences also) and actions so as to be the best influence I can, not the least or worst.

7. Which does not mean I don't need to stand up firmly for what I believe in no matter the circumstances,

      because allowing someone else to control your words is allowing them to control your thoughts,

                                          and your thoughts should always be your own.

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