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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spike is threatening me.

Obviously, I am very new to blogging. After 30 minutes, Spike helped me log in. Tinkerbell also has a thing about cats. She is the alpha female and will brook no fighting. Especially when she was awaken from her nap on the nice new couch. When my three house cats had a spat (actually more like I am going to scratch your eyes out donny brook), Tinkerbell waded in to break it up. Iggy, the grand dame cat of the house rolled on her back and began to rake her claws towards Tinkerbell's belly. She couldn't quite reach her however, given that Tinkerbell is a great dane. Tinks took the matter in her paws and stepped on her (Flat Cat anyone?) Argo, named for I got no nuts, who is normally very laid back decided that he had enough of his brother Jason. Argo and Jason were rolling around in a storm of cat hair and claws. Still standing on Iggy, Tinkerbell reached down and put the whole of Argo's head in her mouth. At that point, Jason, aka little Hitler, comes flying around the corner and decides that I would make a dandy shortcut. A minute later, Tinkerbell comes into the living room, carrying Argo by his head and scooting Iggy with her foot. Believe it or not, the only one who had blood loss was yours truely.


  1. You need to set up a web camera that just shows all these hijinks. You could probably make money off it...

  2. You know how obstinate cats are. If we had a camera the little brats would never do anything funny again.