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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad health care workers damage all of us

Illinois has a new law preventing registered sex offenders and people convicted of violent crime from working the the field of health care.

After receiving the state's notices, several health professionals filed lawsuits against the department arguing the law shouldn't apply to them.
The Chicago Tribune reported Sunday that two Chicago-area doctors are among the professionals who filed lawsuits against the state. Mohammed Khaleeluddin of Rockford andAshvin Shah of Flossmoor claim in their lawsuits, filed last week in Cook County, that they've already been disciplined and their medical licenses were restored after temporary suspensions

Now medical licenses are issued by the state where you practice, so what I find odd about this is that Illinois gave their licenses back after they were convicted. Illinois has the choice of whether or not to issue any medical license, whether for MD, RN, LPN, CNA, RT, etc... so why did these people even have licenses to be pulled? What is the need for this law? Why aren't they just more careful about who they license?

I worked with an APN once (for a very short time) who was so drug addicted he'd had his license suspended 4 times for stealing drugs from his patients and forging prescriptions, he'd served several years in prison on drug related charges and every time he was released he applied to have his license reinstated, and he got it back. What were they thinking? This man was impaired much of the time he worked and his critical thinking skills were non-existent, he was a danger to patients in that respect, and his stealing their drugs meant they did not get the pain relief they deserved and should have been getting.

Why isn't the state, who took it upon themselves to be responsible for licensing and assuring the knowledge and ability of its medical practitioners more responsible about just who they license? I am licensed in several states and each one of them ran me through multiple hoops, including FBI fingerprint and background check, and charged me a bundle before issuing that license. Do they not look at that at all? Is it really that they are only interested in collecting the fees?

And don't talk to me about reporting, if they give licenses back to criminals do you think they really pay any attention to a colleague complaint?

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