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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Driving through this area I am regularly reminded of the hiking available on the Appalachian Trail.  I haven't done any hiking around here, but used to love backpacking.

The most adventuresome hike I ever undertook was The Lost Coast in Northern California.  A few years ago I was on a job in Eureka and a friend and I decided we should make that hike on our days off.  Hah, I say, hah!

Not that I'm sorry I did it, but knowing what I know now I might re-think the idea.  That's always been my problem, anytime anyone says go my immediate response is, "I'm ready!"

Someday my response is going to be , "Let me think about this for a minute."

Anyway, we decided one late night that hiking the Lost Coast was a good idea, since we might never get back to Eureka.  (I certainly won't for work, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

We loaded up the back packs and headed out. We went down to the beach at Shelter Cove and hiked out at Mattole Beach.  In between was 25 miles of incredible scenery and brutal hiking.  Even Jon thought so and at 6'5" his legs start at about the level of my armpits.  So things he could just step over I had to climb.

Some of the trip involves waiting for the tide to go out and getting around the point before it comes back in, always a fun thing.  It involves slippery rocks and balancing a 50lb backpack while in a hurry.  Although I've always loved playing in the tide pools around home that's not exactly the same thing.

By the third day I was wiped out.  As we came up to the last spot where the tide must be out to continue I was thinking oh,yes, rest until the tide is out.  Then I realized the tide was going out already.  At which point, not having a dramatic bone in my body, I flung myself on the beach and told Jon, "Leave me.  Save yourself, just go on without me!"

Being an incredibly sympathetic type, he applied his foot right where it needed to be and we made it around the point.  Once I was back at the condo and in a hot shower I even forgave him.

Enough so that when he came up with the idea of surfing the Lost Coast break I immediately said, "I'm ready."

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