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Monday, October 10, 2011


Friday dinner at The Beer Engine, and a beer or two to go with it.  We were joined by several of Gretchen's friends, all of whom seem very nice. 

Saturday we did her weekly shopping at the West Side Market and the Penzeys across the street from there.  I stocked up while at the Penzeys, so lots of good meals coming when I get home.  Lunch at The Market Garden, which also has a nice selection of beers.  I stuck with the tea, but Gretchen felt in need of a big glass of dog hair.

Yesterday was spent at the Museum of Art.  Cleveland has a lovely art collection.  Around the circle from the museum is a new home.  Built from sustainable materials, with solar panels and passive heating and cooling.  Built as an example and used for tours all summer it's now up for sale.  It's a nice house with a good floor plan, but while we were wandering around looking through it the salesman told me it cost $500,000. to build and they had it listed at $350,000.  Is it any wonder there aren't more of them around? 

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