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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Westboro's new low

Hating on a five year old is bad even for them.  Fortunately, little Jayden Sparks is too young to understand what they are saying.  And despite their obnoxious behavior, she has persisted in her quest to raise money for anti-bullying groups.  She's up to $22,000 now, helped along by publicity about the WBC controversy.  Bet that really galls them.

Her dad says she stirred up the controversy accidentally, she just saw the rainbow-painted home "and thought it was the most beautiful house in the world."

So he asked permission for her to set up her lemonade stand there.

It belongs to a group called Planting Peace.  President and founder Aaron Jackson, 31, told the Daily News that this all started when he came across the picture of nine-year-old Josef Miles countering the Westboro Baptist Church’s picketing with a small sign written in pencil that simply said “Gods hates no one.” Jackson checked to see where the infamous fire and brimstone church was located. While messing around with Google Maps’ street view feature, he saw that the house across the street from the church’s Topeka, Kan. location was up for sale.

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